Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers into His harvest.” Matthew 9:38

How can I get involved?

1. You can pray.

The Bible says, “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers into His harvest.” Matthew 9:38

If you would be willing to pray, please contact us. Let us know that you would be willing to pray for the needs of the children and for Child Evangelism Fellowship®. We will share prayer needs with you.

Good News Club® Prayer Teams pray for specific schools across SW ND. Prayer Team members receive monthly emails to inform them how they can most effectively pray. Schools without a Good News Club, receive less frequent email updates, but members pray for Good News Clubs to begin. Regardless if you sign up as a Prayer Team member of an ongoing club or a school without a club, you will receive a magnetic prayer card to remind you of your commitment to pray.

2. You can give a donation to Child Evangelism Fellowship.
Click here to go to our donation page.

The Financial Policy of Child Evangelism Fellowship is to “Ask God and Tell His People”. Through these means CEF® believes the needs of the ministry will be met. If you would like to give to the ministry, please consider the following projects:

General Fund — Giving to the General Fund allows CEF to direct funds where they are most needed.

The Adopt A School Program — CEF and YOU have the exciting opportunity to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the children in the public schools. CEF partners with churches who have a desire to reach out to the lost in their communities, through Good News Club® in an after-school program. The approximate cost to underwrite a club in one school is $250 a year.

Donations given to Child Evangelism Fellowship are tax deductible. If you wish to give a donation, please contact us for information.

3. You can get involved by hosting Birthday Parties for Jesus, 5-Day Clubs, or Good News Clubs. We have a great need for people to host these events and/or assist with a Good News Club.

4. If you are a teenager or young adult you can get involved by applying to work as a summer missionary by attending Christian Youth In Action®.

5. CONTACT US to see how you can work as a VOLUNTEER in other areas.

6. You could host a table at our spring banquet. The banquet is an annual affair through which we give an update on the ministry. It is also the only fund-raiser we do throughout the year.

7. You could help out at Camp Good News. The camp provides many opportunities to serve. Bible camps are one of the most potent ministries there are. Contact us for more info.

Ten-year-old Mark received Jesus as his savior in the Good News Club®. He later told his teacher, “I brought my best friend to the Good News Club so he will get to know the Lord Jesus. Pray that he will receive Jesus like I did.” Children can respond to the Gospel. Their changed lives reveal the fruit of that decision.

Statistics show that 85% of Christians come to Christ before age 15. The importance of reaching children with the Gospel cannot be overstated. If we are to accomplish God’s Great Commission, we must not neglect the world’s most fruitful mission field — the children.